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The Carter Corporation, Inc.
601 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Suite 900
Washington, DC 20004
Email: rdcarterjr@comcast.net
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The Carter Corporation

service of process
    The Carter Corporation, Inc.
    601 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Suite 900
    Washington, DC 20004


The Carter Corporation, Inc is an entrepreneurial centered company whose business is directed toward providing legal supportive services.  Process Serving and Skip Tracing are currently the only two services the Company is involved in.  Management and staff have over 60 years of combined experienced in providing quality services to law firms, as well as, to private individuals.

The only professional organization the corporation currently belongs to is the National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS), a world wide body founded on the principles of professionalism and high ethical standards. Also, we were nominated for the "Best Process Server" award in 2011 by The National Law Journal and Legal Times for being one of the top legal and business vendors in the Washington Metropolitan Area.


Service of subpoenas, summons and complaints to defendants and others must be accomplished with speed and efficiency.  Affidavits of service are provided for clients outside the Washington Metro Area to file with their local Clerk of the Court.  Affidavits provide information on what was served, case number, date, time and detailed description of the person served.  Clients within the Washington Metro Area are provided with a file stamped copy of the affidavit, if the case originates from DC Superior Court and/or U.S. District Court.


Using database systems that track defendant's locations, the Corporation locates many individuals who have moved away from a last known address.  Although information obtained from electronic means is reliable, in most cases it needs to be verified by having agents make direct contact.  Contact based on information provided can verify and/or provide new information needed in the Skip Trace process.


Many out-of-state clients are in need of service on sensitive Government agencies.  Serving the correct representative can be the key to getting the case on the court's docket.

Washington, D.C. has the largest Government bureaucracy.  The Government does not publicize who their representatives are that accept Service of Process.  Over many years, we have developed a database of who these representatives are.  This includes the most sensitive of Government institutions.


Our clients represent large and small business concerns.  Collections and personal injury suits are the majority of the cases we serve.


National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS)
The Corporation is a member of NAPPS.  NAPPS provides industry training and requires adherence to professional standards of conduct.


Standard Service Completed Within Five (5) Business Days (With Unlimited Attempts):


$75.00 (Washington, DC)


$85.00 (Metro Maryland)


$85.00 (Metro Virginia)


Out-of-State:  Rates to be Given at Time of Inquiry.

Skip Tracing:   




$100.00 (Special Services (Government Services)

Rush Service


Same Day / Two (2) Business Day Service are Double the Fee Per Each Defendant.

The Corporation remains a leader in best practices for the legal support industry.